Sam Nejabat Chosen by Gavin Newsom to Lead San Diego Business Recovery

Local business and community leader, Sam Nejabat was formally appointed by Governor Newsom to the Office of Business and Economic Development today. The appointment comes on the heels of a concerted effort by the Governor’s office to spearhead an economic resurgence amid the ongoing health crisis.

Nejabat is President of SJN Properties and has been a vocal advocate for small business growth in the San Diego region. Nejabat plans on using his experience and voice to reopen the statewide economy in a manner that spurs business and is mindful of our current health crises. The position does not require Senate confirmation.  

“2020 has been the most challenging year for San Diego business owners in recent memory,” said Sam Nejabat. “Right now, we have to tread the fine line between growing our economy and not putting folks lives at risk. There is a way for business owners to forge a path out of this health crisis, but it will require creativity, patience, and grit. I look forward to hearing from local business owners about meaningful ways in which we can begin their revival process, and I plan on exploring unconventional ways for us to bounce back our local and statewide economy. The unique set of circumstances that we have been dealt require innovation and boldness, and the process towards economic restoration begins today.

Sam Nejabat will be available to discuss the Governor’s appointment and his plans in detail via in-studio or skype interviews.

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