The City of San Diego is seeing first-hand the impact of climate change, and this is unacceptable. Our community has an obligation to protect our coastline and open space with modernization measures that will protect our beaches. Working hand in hand with our universities and the biotech community, we can help fuel a green economy that will booster clean manufacturing jobs while at the same time protecting our environment.


As the founder of the LN Foundation, I’ve seen up front how the homeless crisis has emerged into a city wide issue. My foundation has been on the front lines in California, handing out thousands of “Backpack Homeless Kits” that provide critical essentials to those living on the streets. I will set up a working group my first day in office that will consist of service providers, healthcare workers and government officials in order to combat this problem once and for all.

Protecting Neighborhoods

My first priority is to protect our Quality of Life in District One. I will work with neighbor leaders to make sure we address the proliferation of vacation rentals, and the scooters that have taken over many of our sidewalks. I will also work to add more police officers, so that we can continue to keep our neighborhoods safe. In addition to this, I’ll fight any proposed developments that put an unfair burden on our citizenry, and our community’s infrastructure.

Building San Diego’s High Tech Future

Being a small businessman, I understand the importance of creating good paying jobs. This is why I’m proposing to work with our high-tech, bio-tech and our world class universities to create innovative incubators that will create the jobs of the future. We must nurture San Diego’s dynamism and creativity in order to foster the next Qualcomm. Together, we can create cutting edge ideas that embrace how we solve our social issues while at the same time putting business first.


The current housing crisis has many San Diegans pinched on a monthly basis. We need to eliminate the red tape at City Hall that has hampered the smart growth that is needed throughout our entire region. We need to increase our housing supply without impacting our existing residential communities. I will work to get rid of prohibitive regulations that have kept our city from moving forward in building the affordable housing units we need along our public transportation corridors.

Roads and Sidewalks

One of my goals on day one is to tackle our infrastructure problem. We can’t allow potholes, water main breaks and our failing roads to be a constant in our neighborhoods. I’ll establish a blue ribbon committee made up of various stakeholders from our community to help address the improvements that are needed all over our district. I will deliver incremental improvements in order to build the trust of our hard working taxpayers.

Public Safety

We need to have more police officers on our streets protecting our homes and businesses. San Diego has one of the lowest percentage of officers for the population it needs to serve and protect. In addition to this, we have to provide the necessary tools that are needed for our public safety personnel to do their job. Replacing old fire trucks and police vehicles is a must that can’t be compromised for the good of the public. I will continue to foster community policing and will make sure that open dialogue continues with our residents.